Carbon Ripple

The secured DeFi infrastructure and marketplace designed to drive carbon removal

We protect carbon removal corporate buyers from fraud, using a proprietary algorithm, blockchain technology and a secure processing layer to boycott the very same offset sold through various intermediaries across the globe.

Our technology manages the carbon credit life-cycle from inception until retirement, reducing the risks of double counting. Our settlement system is based on distributed ledger technology that allows simultaneous settlement of carbon credits with immediate transfer of ownership upon payments, all documented on fully auditable records.

Carbon Ripple offers the World’s first payment solution designed to protect carbon removal marketplace

Our mission is to provide the most transparent and accessible financial infrastructure to facilitate the flow of trillions of dollars


SIBOS 2022

Our founder Dawid Planeta was delighted to speak at the most prestigious finance conference organized by SWIFT - SIBOS 2022 in Amsterdam!

We have discussed with major financial institutions and central banks about interoperability and sustainable future for global and green finance.

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VISA Foundation

Carbon Ripple took 3rd prize of the most investable GreenTech accelerator sponsored by Village Capital and VISA Foundation.

Carbon Ripple is leading the world's first payment solution designed to protect Carbon Removal business transactions, enhancing trust, transparency, and accessibility of the voluntary carbon market.

12/14/2022 Learn more

CISL & Carbon Ripple

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL):

We have been selected by the Cambridge University Net Zero accelerator as our company leads the way towards a decarbonised future, with innovative products, services and technology designed to accelerate net zero goals.

11/10/2022 Learn more

Carbon Ripple is here to scale carbon removal marketplace by carbon credits tokenization and unleash the potential of global trade

What is Carbon Ripple
Carbon Ripple is a payment solution partner designed for carbon removal trades and is the infrastructure for anyone to become Carbon-net-neutral. We provide a scalable solution that enables businesses and consumers to take direct action toward climate change by offering a technology-enabled way to channel funds to creditable carbon removal projects with real impact.
How are we different
Leveraging science and technology, we developed a proprietary fintech algorithm that minimises carbon removal project cross-border due diligence cost and time by 80%

Why you should care

The voluntary carbon market is just like many new markets, the standards and measurements are not harmonised and the governance is very weak. Companies who do good are currently exposed to risks in reputation harm and its collateral damage from double-selling and double-dipping green fraud.
Why Environmentalists should act right now
Carbon markets are an important tool to reach global climate goals, particularly in the short and medium term allowing countries and companies the space to smooth the low-carbon transition. However, due to the lack of overall global governance, there is an emergence of Green Fraud that slows us down from achieving Net Zero.
Global Carbon Net-Neutral
82% of companies are currently trading the known amount of emission but with an unknown amount of reduction. We only have one earth. Carbon removal buyers paid for carbon removal service and are in need to be protected from fraud.
Green Fraud
Report pointed out that the unregulated voluntary carbon markets are driven primarily by the demand for carbon offsets from environmentally aware companies and consumers. Until recently, most voluntary carbon credits traded were not recorded in external registries, underlining the risk of fraud through double-selling and double-dipping.
Growing carbon markets
The Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets (TSVCM), sponsored by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) estimates that demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by a factor of up to 100 by 2050. Overall, the market for carbon credits could be worth upward of USD$50 billion in 2030. It is also suggested by the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine that 5 billion tonnes of negative emission per year from carbon removal solutions could generate at least an annual revenue of USD$500 billion. Vivid Economics arrives at a figure of USD$625 billion per year by 2050.
We care about buyers’ environmental interests
Carbon Ripple is driven by purpose. Your carbon removal purchase will be vetted through three layers of strong security checks using public data, private data and our own science-based prediction model with a proprietary algorithm that is based on more than one million data points worldwide. We work with registries like Verra, Gold Standard, Climate Action Data Trust and many more validation bodies worldwide to protect our clients from double-selling and double-dipping fraudulent activities. As there is currently no mechanism to prevent the sellers from registering the very same offset at various marketplaces and brokers that represent the interests of the sellers, our technology-enabled solution represents buyers’ interest that works alongside buyers and their legal representatives (if any) to safeguard from Green Fraud.
Confidence in carbon markets
Although Carbon Ripple injects confidence in the voluntary carbon markets through an auditable post-trade infrastructure that promotes transparent carbon accounting in line with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, yet we do make sure to keep our clients’ investment activities private. Carbon removal buyers should not be jeopardised with their own good-doing. As we observed that many Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and private carbon offset projects are located in countries with poor legal systems and remediation in the event of problems. It is already too late once the pay-out is done. Our solution facilitates carbon removal at scale by ensuring pay-outs only released to creditable carbon removal providers worldwide.
Join us
Calling environmentally focused investors, partners and experts who would like to drive the change with us. We are happy to hear from you.